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Standish Johnson | Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent a billboard?
Billboards are rented for a minimum of 28 day periods. All displays are arranged by contacting us, discussing your needs and accepting our contract. The sales contract describes the posting date, or first date of display, length of display term and cost per display term.

How do I know when your billboards are available?
Simply contact us for availability dates. Some of our locations are occupied on a long term basis, while others are available soon. However, Standish Johnson does need to ask pre-existing advertisers if they intend to renew their contract first (about 60 days in advance).

How big are your billboards?
Most of Standish Johnson billboards are 10’5” high by 22’8” long. However, Standish Johnson has different sizes that are also available, depending on locations. Please contact us to learn about other billboard sizes and their locations.

What is the cost of outdoor?
Depending on location, billboard rates vary. Factors include the view from the road, size, traffic, and market and whether or not the board is illuminated.  Just contact us for a list of rates and available dates for our locations.

Where are your billboards?
Standish Johnson owns 47 prime billboard locations across 9 key cities and towns including Willimantic, Columbia, Mansfield, Stonington, Plainfield, Danielson, Putnam, Eastford, and Thompson. See individual locations here.

Who provides the creative artwork for the billboards?
Artwork is provided by the advertiser or advertiser's agency approximately thirty (30) days prior to the display start date. Art designs are not included in the space rate but can be arranged for an additional charge. However, Standish Johnson does provide creative services that can help you develop a compelling design that gets results.*

*Separate charges apply.

Does Standish Johnson provide the display material?
Most displays are produced on vinyl material. The display material is not included in the space rate. Standish Johnson can arrange to order your display advertising from our suppliers.

Standish Johnson works for the customer to make displaying your message easy.  If you are unfamiliar with the production of billboard advertising, we offer complete pricing where Standish Johnson is responsible for production, space, and installation.  For agencies, co-ops and those familiar with purchasing outdoor media, pricing is typically based on space and installation only.

What is a billboard display made of?
With the development of new materials, gone are the days of paper poster sheets and paste for billboard advertisers.  Today Standish Johnson employs single sheet vinyl products including Flex Vinyl/Vinyl Wrap or single sheet polyethylene posters (trade names of Eco Poster or Poster Flex). A nice statement about being green friendly is often suitable and placed at the bottom of advertisers billboards using these materials.

How do I know how many people see the billboard?
When arranging your outdoor adverting campaign, Standish Johnson can provide you with daily traffic count statistics.

Are the billboards illuminated at night?
Yes, some Standish Johnson billboards have lights for increased visibility and impact  during the evening hours. They are illuminated from dusk until midnight.

What is required when submitting artwork to Standish Johnson for execution?
Contact one of our advertising representatives at 1-800-362-9736 for the full details on art and materials specifications. In general, all our billboards are produced on  permanent vinyl or eco-panels. Most locations support the industry standard of 10’5” high by 22’8” long.

Please review the Production Guidelines at the top of this page. In general, all our billboards are produced on permanent vinyl or eco-panels. Most locations support the industry standard of 10’5” high by 22’8” long.  Once your location and term have been contracted Standish Johnson will specify the dimensions.

What happens to my poster at the end of its display period?
Standish Johnson can store your board for a monthly fee of $20 per board, return it to you, or dispose of it. Some advertisers often store boards for future use.

How are rates determined?
Rates are determined on a per contract basis. Our sales team considers the length of the contract, number of locations, season, traffic counts, and overall desirability of your chosen locations. We work closely with our customers to meet their advertising needs.

Can I cancel a contract once I have begun using a billboard?
A standard contract does not allow for cancellation. Advertisers can check with management about writing a contract with a cancellation clause. Most cancellation clauses include a short rate charge and 60 days written notice prior to posting date.

What is your shipping address?
Standish Johnson Outdoor Advertising
205 Barbs Hill Road
Greene, RI 02827

Where can I find more information on billboard advertising and creative designs?
One place to find additional billboard information is, the website of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. It has information on all forms of outdoor advertising and studies of the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. This site also has a creative library that may show samples of billboards relevant to your business.

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