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We use two different types of medium, depending on our client's needs:

Single-Sheet Poster

The Single-Sheet Poster was developed using recyclable polyethylene [PE] plastic. This new product has replaced the former paper & paste posting methods. Also known as Eco-Posters or QuickFlex Posters, Single-Sheet Posters are printed on a single sheet and are similar in appearance to a vinyl bulletin. These types of posters have performed very well as a solution for shorter term outdoor advertising exposure, proving not to bleed or flag when exposed to harsh weather. The Single-Sheet Poster can be an ideal solution for advertisements posted for 90 days or less.

Most locations support the industry standard of 10'5" high by 22'8" long (125" x 272")*

*Please call our outdoor advertising representatives at 401-751-3170 or Toll Free at 800-362-9736 to review other possible size options. Artwork guidelines are standard.

Note: The single-sheet poster may appear smaller when it is originally unpacked, but the poster will stretch to fit the correct size.

Please inform your printer that Standish Johnson uses Circle Graphics Cable System for Single-Sheet Poster applications.

Vinyl Wrap

The vinyl wrap poster is generally used for advertisements being posted for 90 days or longer. The heavy PVC vinyl wrap is considered a more durable poster, which can withstand harsh weather conditions for more extended periods of time.

The live area on most of our poster boards is 12'3" high by 24'7" long (147" x 295"). The poster needs to have a 4" pocket added on all sides, resulting in final dimensions of 13'1" high by 25'3" wide (156" x 303").

A smaller board is available at one of our locations in Stonington, CT. The live area on this board is 8'4" high by 16'2" (98" x 194"). This location requires that a 3" pocket be added to all sides making the final dimensions 8'10" high by 16'8" wide (106" x 200").

Please ensure that the posters are produced with the pockets required for mounting as described in the Artwork section.

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Accepted File Types
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Adobe Photoshop (Mac/PC)
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Adobe InDesign (Mac/PC)
Quark (Mac/PC)
Adobe Freehand (Mac/PC)
Corel Draw (PC only)

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